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Pivot Signals For Conn’s, Inc. (NASDAQ:CONN): Fibonacci at 23.62

Investors may be getting ready to buy into the stock market as we cruise into the second half of the year. Filtering out the constant noise in the markets can be challenging. Sifting through all the data can be trying, especially for the novice investor. Digging down into the fundamentals may help weed out the undesirable companies. Investors will most […]

Technical Update: Keltner Channel Watch for PIMCO Dynamic Credit and Mortgage Income Fund (NYSE:PCI): 20 Day Lower Band Reading is 23.409264

Doing the necessary homework, investors have a wealth of information about publically traded stocks. Figuring out which ones are going to steadily outperform can be a tricky task. Many investors opt to follow what covering sell-side analysts think about certain stocks. Following analyst updates to estimates and targets may help gauge overall stock sentiment. However, solely following analyst views may […]

Share Levels For ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas (:BOIL) Telling a Story as the 1 Month Woodie Pivot Hits 22.2875

Individual investors are constantly hearing about the next hot stock to buy. Acting purely on these types of tips can be hazardous to the portfolio if the research is not completed. Sometimes these stock tips will pan out and be correct, other times they can leave the investor wondering why they acted on the speculative advice. Even if a stock […]