Author: LNR Staff

Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ:BRKR): Target Tracker on These Shares

Shares of Bruker Corporation (NASDAQ:BRKR) currently have an average target price of $35.44. This is the consensus number using estimates provided by polled analysts. Street analysts often give price target projections on stocks that they track.  Price target projections can be calculated using a variety of methods.  Many investors will follow stock target prices, especially when analysts make revisions. A […]

Is 7.05 a Reasonable Target for Washington Prime Group Inc (WPG)

Washington Prime Group Inc (WPG) currently has a 7.05 price target after seeing shares move 16.79% for the week, -7.43% for the month, -2.01% for the quarter and -2.01% for the past year.  Compared to peers in the Property Management industry and Financial sector, we can see that Washington Prime Group Inc performed better than 46% of their peers over the past month, better than 20% over the past two […]

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:OXY): How is This Stock Stacking Up?

Taking a look at shares of Occidental Petroleum Corporation (NYSE:OXY), we can see that the average consensus target price based on contributing analysts is currently $91.29. Sell-side analysts often provide price target projections on where they believe the stock will be headed in the future. Because price target projections are essentially the opinions of covering analysts, they have the ability […]

Will Genpact Ltd (G) Reach Brokerage Targets of 33.33?

Placing Genpact Ltd (G) in the spotlight, we can see that the shares have made significant moves of late. Genpact Ltd Shares have moved 6.03% for the week, -1.61% for the month, 2.19% for the quarter and 2.19% for the past year.   Brokerage research firms on the Street have given Genpact Ltd (G) a one year target price of 33.33.  Compared to peers in the Business Services industry […]

Enersys Inc (ENS) Has Performed Better Than 92% of Peers For the year

Wall street analysts have pegged Enersys Inc (ENS) with a target price of 97.00 for the year.  Shares have moved 4.40% for the week, -1.42% for the month, 6.71% for the quarter and 6.71% for the past year.  Regardless of target price, it’s important to compare how a firm has performed and will likely perform against its peers.  Relative Strength is a measure of […]

Corelogic (CLGX) Sell-Side Projection of 46.10 is Achievable According to Analysts

Sell-side analysts covering shares of  Corelogic (CLGX) have given a one year price objective of 46.10.  Compared to peers in the Processing Systems & Products industry and Technology sector, we can see that Corelogic performed better than 10% of their peers over the past month, better than 38% over the past two weeks, 13% over the past quarter and better than 31% over the past year.  Relative Strength is a measure […]

Price Target Focus for SunTrust Banks, Inc. (NYSE:STI)

Zooming in on shares of SunTrust Banks, Inc. (NYSE:STI), we note that the average target price is presently $75.66. This is the consensus target based on projections provided by the covering analysts polled. Wall Street analysts have the ability to provide price target predictions for stocks that they cover.  Price target estimates can be calculated using various methods.  Many investors […]