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The left has been attacking President Trump as a Nazi because he wants to deport illegal aliens, especially violent criminals like MS-13 gang members, back to their country of origin. But who are the real Nazis? It’s the Democrats, who have extinguished 60 million lives via abortion.

That number includes millions of partial-birth abortions. For those who don’t know, partial-birth abortion is the aborting of a baby that can survive outside the womb. Before aborting the baby, the procedure requires a doctor to enter the womb, insert a needle into the baby’s skull and suck out the baby’s brains. That is a perfect example of liberalism: deliberately killing a live baby.

Democrats support abortion for the exact same reason that the Nazis did: money. The Nazis confiscated their victims’ possessions, used victims as slave labor and exterminated them when they were no longer useful to fuel the war machine. Democrats use the abortion industry to fill the campaign coffers.

Democrats argue that abortion is legal. Under Hitler, so was deporting Jews to the gas chambers. Babies who can survive outside the womb aren’t herded into gas chambers in their mothers’ arms; they are wheeled into a sterile operating room. The end results are the same: A viable human life is extinguished. The fact that is legal doesn’t make it morally right.


Westerly, R.I.

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