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Stock Price Activity Watch For Magellan Petroleum Corporation (:TELL)

Sharp investors are usually looking for true bargains in the stock market. Finding these stocks can help give the stock portfolio a boost. Shares of Magellan Petroleum Corporation (:TELL) have come into focus recently. Checking in on the stock, we can see that it has been trading near the $9.95 level. Going forward, the investment community will be closely monitoring […]

boohoo group plc (AIM:BOO): An Inside Look at What’s Behind the 22.470521 PCF

Here we will take a look into some valuation metrics for boohoo group plc AIM:BOO shares. boohoo group plc (AIM:BOO) has a Price to Book ratio of 9.524334. This ratio is calculated by dividing the current share price by the book value per share. Investors may use Price to Book to display how the market portrays the value of a stock. […]

Is Money Flowing into Sterling Constructio (STRL)? Twiggs MF in Focus

Traders will be closely monitoring shares of Sterling Constructio (STRL) as the Twiggs Money Flow indicator has touched above the zero line, indicating positive momentum for the name.   When Twiggs Money Flow Index moves above 0, players are accumulating and thus prices are subject to climb higher. When Twiggs Money Flow Index is below 0, players are distributing and prices […]