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Inside the Numbers on Shares of Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:ZBRA)

Looking back at some historical performance on shares of Zebra Technologies Corporation (NASDAQ:ZBRA), we can see that the stock price performance for the last week is -1.42%. Tracking back further over the past month, the stock has performed 16.20%. For the last quarter, shares have performed 13.26%. Going back to the start of the calendar year, company shares are 26.69%. […]

What’s Behind the Numbers For Peab AB (OM:PEAB B)?

The Shareholder Yield of Peab AB (OM:PEAB B) is 0.052234.  The Shareholder Yield is a way that investors can see how much money shareholders are receiving from a company through a combination of dividends, share repurchases and debt reduction.  This percentage is calculated by adding the dividend yield plus the percentage of shares repurchased.  Dividends are a common way that […]

Steelcase Inc (SCS): What Are the Charts Indicating?

The Money Flow Index of Steelcase Inc (SCS) this week has placed the shares on the radar as it nears the key 70 or 80 level.  At the time of writing the MFI is holding above 60 and trending higher for the name.  The Money Flow Index creates a ratio of Positive Money Flow and Negative Money Flow over time […]

Is Senior Loan ETF FT (FTSL) Headed For a Near-Term Reversal?

Senior Loan ETF FT (FTSL) shares have seen the Money Flow Indicator climb above 60, potentially spelling a near-term reversal if it crosses above the 70 line.  The Money Flow Indicator is a unique indicator that combines momentum and volume with an RSI formula. Because of its incorporation of volume, the MFI is better suited to identify potential reversals using both overbought/oversold […]

Spark New Zealand Limited (SPK.AX): PPOH Line Below Zero

The Percentage Price Oscillator Histogram trend indicator is currently under zero on shares of Spark New Zealand Limited (SPK.AX). Active traders may be carefully tracking the indicator to see if the position is pointing to the stock as a sell. Following a pre-defined trading system might be a solid choice for securing profits in the stock market. Defining goals before […]

Vitamin Shoppe Inc (VSI) Watching the MFI Levels Intensely

The Money Flow Indicator for Vitamin Shoppe Inc (VSI) has touched above 60 and has found a place on investor’s radar as it potentially nears the key 70 mark.  The MFI indicator is an oscillator which ranges between fixed values of 0 and 100 and as with most oscillators divergences form a major part of trading with the MFI indicator. […]