A 94-year-old member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars put President Donald Trump on the spot Tuesday and asked for a White House visit on his birthday next year.

"Mr. President, I want to ask you something," Alan Jones began during the at the VFW's National Convention at the Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Mo.

He said he has given the VFW "70 years of my life. This is one of the highlights for this 94-year-old man.

"I have been told that I could never enter the Oval Office in Washington D.C.," Jones said. "I'm going to be 95 years of age April 11 of next year.

"Hopefully, you will allow me to bring my family into the Oval Office to meet you?"

"Yes," President Trump responded. "Anytime you want."

But Jones wasn't finished.

"One last thing, Mr. President," he said, spurring laughter from Trump and many of the estimated 10,000 people attending the convention.

"I want to tell you, Mr. President, this group knows not to give the microphone to Alan Q. Jones to speak at the national convention."

The remark drew more laughter from Trump and the crowd.

Jones then asked Trump to autograph a photograph of the pair took when the president campaigned in Missouri in March 2016.

"You got it," Trump said. "Thank you, Alan."

"God bless you, Mr. President," Jones responded. "I wish you well in the future.

"Thank you."

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